De Niet Verbonden Atlas

Maybe the internet is the greatest invention ever. If offers mankind a lot control and ease in their lives. Nowadays it's almost possible to be connected everywhere and all the time, but we should ask ourself, are we as humans really more connected/bonded to each other and ourself.

In this project I researched the boundary between using new technology and becoming slaves of new technology. It resolved in a map of areas in the Netherlands which lack a mobile connection by phone and internet. These places are disappearing quickly, and soon the whole Netherlands will be connected. I wanted to honor those places where you are on your own and where creativity doesn't suffer from incoming messages and tweets.

Beside making a map, I also visited these places and gave the disconnected areas a visible border. To point out there's something different on the other side, life online stops there. But at the same time in real life, there's no difference between the sides.



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