Citizens of Cyberia

'Citizens of Cyberia' is a book which contains an impression of Cyberia and its inhabitants. The characters depicted in this book are inhabitants of this new society. They can be found throughout Cyberia. This book is about the new society in which we all take part in, it's about you and me, it's about the 'Citizens of Cyberia'

2015, Robbert Gerards

For this illustration project of Robbert Gerards I helped out with the book design and the production. The book is a catalogue of characters, so each character has his own spread in the book. The book has a certain rhythm, which becomes playful by deviant spreads and city illustrations at the chapter beginnings. The font used for the titles is Impact. Referring to internet memes, where the font often is used big and bold. The book is printed on 120gr paper and executed with a hardcover to give it the feeling of an encyclopedia. Later on we also designed a set of postcard, which where for sale at the exhibition.



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