New KPN store format

Onze Kapel designed together with Doepel Strijkers, Quince, Qyn, NykampNyboer and Lust the new store format of KPN, a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company. For this unique project Onze Kapel took care of the total communication and content production . Which focused on the 24-hour experience of the consumer. And in particular where, when and how the products and services of KPN offer many opportunities (throughout the day) to organize their life the way as they want.

Consumers are inspired by large LED-walls. The consumer is activated by Kinect and infrared systems to get started with the smartwalls and touchscreens. The content on the smartwalls changes with the time (morning, afternoon and evening). However, the visitor can always choose his own 'journey'. He can also switch between locations (home, work and on the go ) and retrieving the corresponding (product) information . In addition, the queue management system was linked to the screens. This tells the visitor and the store employee exactly who 's turn it is.

2015, Onze Kapel


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